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(Price's Scout x Firefly's Mae)

Stud Fee:  $500

ABC Registered   DOB April 15, 2014
Rough Coated Black and White Male.
Cowdog breeding.
Estimated Adult Size:  45 lbs. 

IMG_2791.JPG (405724 bytes)
 Parker square flank.JPG (867423 bytes)

Parker is an easy-going working dog with lots of power.  He is out of some of the best cow dogs around.  His lines go back to our own Lanky on one side and to Steve McCall's Katch on the other.  He is a nice looking dog and big boned.  He has naturally squared flanks, plenty of courage, and is very easy to work.  Parker has already proven himself as a great producer of good working dogs.





(Hubert Bailey's Sweep x PHF Ceilidh)

Rough Coated Black and White Female.
Intense, attentive, intelligent.  Bred for Sheep.
Estimated Adult Size:  40 lbs. & 21"

Gulley is owned and handled by Isaac Hughes.  She is an exceptional sheepdog with a beautiful natural outrun, natural pace, listens very well, excellent work ethic, and is just about as perfect as a sheepdog can get.  She works well in large or tight spaces, is very kind to her sheep.  Gulley has natural square flanks and is a delight to work.  


Gulley as a producer.



(PHF Yankee x Keena Turner's Kelley)

ABC Registered   DOB April 3, 2013
Rough Coated Black and White Female.
Bold, Focused, intelligent.
Estimated Adult Size:  35 lbs

Becca works.jpg (91654 bytes)

Becca is a beautiful and intense working girl.  She is extremely fast, quick on her feet, and bold.  She is bold and fearless around stock is coming along nicely.  She is out of Keena Turner's Kelly and sired by PHF Yankee.  She has our own Lanky, Steve McCall's Catch, and Ken Arrendale's Mac all in her pedigree.  We expect great things from this young lady.

Yankee styling 2.jpg (54326 bytes)
Becca's Sire and Dam 


(K. Turner's Hodge x PHF Gulley)
ABC Registered   DOB TBA
Rough Coated Black and White Female.
Small, Quick, Athletic
Estimated Adult Size:  25 lbs. & 18"

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Emma Styles.JPG (1660609 bytes)

Emma is a small, dynamic girl.  She is very athletic, attentive, and fast.  She works with beautiful style and great intensity.  Emma is extremely well bred with excellent sheep dog bloodlines on both sides.   Her sire is Keena Turner's #1 male, Hodge, who is a beautiful long-coated tricolor.  Hodge's pedigree is exemplary.  He goes back to Willard's Ben, Macrae's Nan, Arrendale's Mac, and Lacy's Beryl.   Emma's dam, Gulley,  is a push-button dog with all the beauty of the perfect herding BC.  Gulley goes back to Lacy's Beryl and our own Snip.  Emma is bred to be the perfect sheep dog.

Emma's sire, Hodge, and dam, Gulley



Reference Sires and Dams

Possum Hollow's Lanky  

Lanky was our foundation male.  He has pass on but we still have his blood in our lines.
Learn more about Lanky on our "In Memory" page.  
Possum Hollow's Snip  

Snip was our first Open sheepdog.  He has passed on but we still have his blood in our lines.
Learn more about Snip on our "In Memory" page.  
Keena Turner's EB  
IMG_2758.JPG (329665 bytes)

Eb is a big powerful male that goes back to some excellent bloodlines.  He is cowdog bred and has plenty of power.  He is super fast and athletic.  Eb is a handful but is a joy to watch work.  He has an excellent temperament on and off the field.
Robin Taylor's CORRIE  

Corrie is a very steady working sheepdog out of impeccable bloodlines.  She is out of David Henry's Spook and David Henry's Beryl and carries the beautiful working style of Wilson's Roy.  She is an extremely biddable dog with a great work ethic.  She is good to her stock but has plenty of power when needed.  


Robin Taylor's MOSS  

Moss has gone to the big herding field in the sky but his legacy lives on in our Mick and Tof.  Moss was a powerful working cow dog that could do it all.  He was tough as nails, smart as a whip and full of natural cow sense.  We miss you Moss. 


Former Possum Hollow's Lock-Eye Dixie  

Dixie is the granddam of our Thorn.  She is super fast, super quick, amazingly agile and smart as can be.    She worked cattle, goats and sheep for us but was best with goats and cattle.  She was our solid "chute" dog and could move any type of animal in tight spaces.  Dixie was retired to an agility home and they love her.


Hubert Bailey's Sweep

Sweep is the sire of Gulley, Robin Taylor's Chexie, and Sally Surface's Broker.  Sweep is an easy moving, quiet working sheepdog with beautiful style, excellent work ethic


Possum Hollow's Mairi  

Mairi is very stylish and strong moving.  She is a dedicated working farm dog.  She hits head and heel and then settles right back into working.  She heels low and hits the head on the face.  She has a natural outrun and is big enough to have power without bite when she needs it.  She is very athletic and has a strong work ethic.  Mairi has a wonderful loving personality and is very friendly.  She is beautiful, has a great personality and a winning pedigree.