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Breeding Information

The following is an agreement between Possum Hollow Enterprises and

Name of Dam's Owner ________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________
City/State/Zip __________________________________________________________________
Phone _____________________________________
Email ___________________________________________________
Website ________________________________________________________________

Dam's Name ___________________________________________________  Registration____________________________________________________
Date of Birth ___________________ Breed:     Border Collie       O  Anatolian Shepherd

Stud Fees and Payment

All Border Collie Stud Fees are $500.00.   All Anatolian Shepherd Stud Fees are $1000.00.
The complete stud fee will be due when the female is bred.  Fees will be refunded if no live puppies are produced.  A litter is considered to be one or more live pups at birth.  Signed papers for registration purposes will be provided to the owner of the dam when at the time of breeding.  

Requirements for Dam

The owner of the dam must submit copies of the following:

     Registration Certificate
     Negative Brucellosis test results.
     Veterinarian Health Certificate including the following current vaccinations:  Bordatella, Rabies, Leptosporosis Grippo.

Additional Fees

The following are additional fees that are not covered by the owner of the stud dog:

     A charge of $50.00 US for each round trip to pick up and deliver dam to the airport.
     A boarding fee of $10.00 US per day will be assessed for each day over 5 days for any dam left at Possum Hollow.
     Owner of the dam is responsible for all veterinary charges incurred while dam is at Possum Hollow.
Stud Owner's Responsibility

We will make every effort to have a natural breeding.  Stud dogs will be presented to females no less than twice a day for 5 days or the duration of the visit of the dam, whichever is less.  If natural breeding does not take place or it is determined that it is not in the best interest for the health and safety of either dog, the fee will be refunded and the owner of the dam will be required to pick up the dam within two days.  Fees for boarding and transportation will not be refunded.  The dam will be well cared for and exercised in clean surroundings with quality food.

Dam Owner's Responsibility

The owner of the dam will be responsible for making an appointment to deliver the dam to Possum Hollow at the appropriate time for breeding and to allow at least 2 days for breedings.  

I understand and agree to the Possum Hollow Enterprises Breeding Contract as presented above.

Signature of Dam's Owner  __________________________________       Date _______________

Signature of PHE Representative ______________________________      Date _______________