Possum Hollow Working Dogs is dedicated to the production of the finest working livestock guardian dogs possible.  We are dedicated to the primary purpose of breeding for working ability.  Our primary focus is on breeding even-tempered, physically sound and well-socialized dogs that will perform their guardian duties with exceptional dedication, talent and intensity.  We strongly believe that good bloodlines are the most important element in determining the potential of a quality working guardian dog.  However, the manner in which a guardian dog is raised and trained can and will determine the its ability to reach perfection in performing its duties.  Our puppies are loved and petted when young but once they are placed with the livestock, concentration transfers to encouraging them to develop their guardian skills.  We breed purebred Anatolian Shepherds and Akbash dogs.  Our selection of breeding parents is based on the individual qualities of each dog and how we feel they will fit together to produce a well-balanced litter with good working instincts.  We do not breed mixes of Anatolians and Akbash (or any other combination).  

If at any time during the life of any dog purchased at PHF (Possum Hollow Farms) you no longer want your dog, we will take your dog back with the following terms.  PHF will not provide financial compensation for the dog and we must have space available.  The buyer must pay for all costs associated with return of the dog to PHF.  The dog must have a current veterinary health certificate prior to being brought to PHF.  If we do not hae room for your dog here, PHF will do its best to help you rehome your dog with a good family.  All of the same provisions for temperament and health apply.



Your Anatolian Shepherd puppy will be registered with the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America (ASDCA) and/or the American Kennel Club (AKC).  Your Akbash puppy will be registered with the UKC .  Because the time it takes to get registration certificates back from these registries is considerable, we send the paperwork in as soon as possible.  Your puppy will be registered under a registered kennel name (such as PHF Moses) when it is only a couple of weeks old.  You cannot change this name on the registration certificate.  If you do not want to use the registered name, you may wish to use a "call name" instead.  For example, if your puppy is registered as PHF Moses, you can decide to call him "Fred" or any other name you like.  When  you place a deposit on a puppy, if you know the name you prefer, we will happily use it in the registration.  However, it is your responsibility to let us know that you have a specific name picked out already.  We understand that many people like to wait until they know the puppy more to decide on a name.  This is why many people elect to use "call names."  


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