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Possum Hollow reserves the right to take first pick of any litter.
Livestock Guardian Dog Puppies
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Born July 2, 2018

We are very pleased at announce a repeat litter out of Daniel x Eden.  Daniel is a beautiful male (littermate to Kudzu, you may have seen her at Westminster).  He is a dedicated working dog.  Very watchful and bold but with a very nice temperament.  Eden is a lovely female who is proving to be one of our top young producers.  She is gentle and friendly but also watchful.  We expect the puppies out of this litter to be great guardians with excellent conformation.  All puppies will have had first shots and be on a regular deworming program.  We have both of Daniel's parents and a pup from Daniel x Eden's previous litter on site.

Price:  $800 

Call or text 828-429-6388 or email possumhollow@gmail.com for more information.

Eden Male

"Sumo Too"

This male is built stocky and is very attentive, loves attention, and is gentle and sweet.  He is alert to new sounds and bold in exploring new things.

Eden Male


This male is very friendly and easy-going.  He is loving and gentle.  He alerts to new sounds and is unafraid of exploring new things.

Eden Male

"Black Face"

This male is perfectly put together.  He is independent but loves attention.  He is bold and confident.


Livestock Guardian Dog Puppies
In the Oven
We have no pregnant females at this time.