Possum Hollow Enterprises (PHF)

Vicki P. Hughes w 371 CC Lovelace Road w Rutherfordton NC 28139 w 828-429-6388

This contract is between the seller, Possum Hollow Enterprises and the Buyer:
(name) ________________________________________________
address)_______________________________________________________________________________ (phone)(_____)_______-_______________ .

Puppy's sire: ________________________________ Puppy's dam: ________________________________
Breed:   Anatolian Shepherd            DOB: ___________________
Gender: ___Male   ___ Female         Color: __________________________
Intended Use:    ___ Livestock Guardian        ___ Pet        ___ Other:______________________________ 

Payment: A deposit of $______ has been received for the puppy described above.  The balance of $________ will be due when the puppy is picked up.  Deposits are nonrefundable but may be transferred to another litter if no puppies were born of the gender you requested.  You must select your puppy before they are six (6) weeks old.  Once you have selected a puppy your deposit will no longer be transferable.  This deposit will hold the selected puppy until 8 weeks of age. If the puppy is not picked up or can't be shipped because of weather, an additional fee of $5 per day will be charged to cover board and early training. 
Health Guarantee
: The puppy is guaranteed to have regular deworming and all shots recommended to age of puppy when picked up). The puppy will be started on premium quality dry food, dietary supplements and/or glucosamine supplements for strong joints and optimum growth. The puppy is guaranteed to be free of genetic hip defects.   The puppy must be fed a low protein diet (23% or less) from the age of 3-4 months to the age of 26 months and restricted from excessive stress on joints as a result of strenuous exercise for the Hip guarantee to be valid.  The dog must be X-rayed and the X-rays sent to Cornell University for OFA evaluation or PennHIP (including preliminary rating for pups not yet 2 years old) for certification and rating for the hip guarantee to be valid. The buyer is responsible for paying all costs associated with testing.  If the dog is diagnosed with  CHD, the dog will be replaced with a new puppy.  The defective dog must be returned to the breeder.   If the breeder allows the buyer to keep the dog proof of neutering/spaying must be provided prior to replacement.  Delivery costs for shipping a replacement puppy and/or returning the defective dog will be paid by the buyer. The breeder is not responsible for any expenses related to the raising or training of the dog prior to hip  testing or for any veterinary costs.
: All Anatolian puppies will be registered with ASDCA and/or AKC.  All Anatolian puppies will be registered with the name given to them by Possum Hollow to preserve the tradition of kennel prefix and biblical name that has been established at PHF.  The buyer agrees to retain this name and include it on any advertising, breeding or showing documentation or publications.  They buyer may also use a name chosen by themselves along with the Possum Hollow name.  The Possum Hollow name will be prefixed with the initials PHF and followed by the name given by Possum Hollow.  Example:  PHF Moses. 
Return Guarantee
:  If at any time in the life of your PHF dog you are unable to keep it, PHF will either take the dog back or do everything possible to help you re-home the dog.   If you choose to return your dog, PHF will not reimburse you for the cost of the puppy, training or other expenses incurred prior to the return of the dog.  Delivery costs for shipping dogs back are the responsibility of the buyer.   The dog must have a veterinary health certificate prior to being brought to PHF.
Limited Use Agreement:
  Any buyer purchasing a PHF guardian dog for any purpose other than livestock guardian agrees to spay/neuter the dog before eight months of age.  
Shipping Agreement:   Click this link to go read the Shipping Agreement.  

I understand and agree to all information included in the shipping agreement.  I understand that once my dog has been delivered to the departing airport, PHF is no longer responsible for it's safety, health or well-being.  I understand that it is my choice to have my dog shipped and that I am solely responsible for any problems incurred during shipping or after as a result of shipping.

I, the undersigned, understand and agree to all of the terms specified in the above contract.

Breeder Signature ________________________________ Date ________________
Buyer Signature _________________________________ Date ________________

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