We occasionally offer a few quality young adult guardians or newly retired breeding guardians.  These dogs are born in the barn and are currently working with sheep.  Some can work together and all can work alone, however we usually recommend working guardian dogs as male-female pairs.  Each dog is at its own level of training.

If you have not owned a livestock guardian breed before, please consider our e-book.

Past puppies in training.
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"PHF Ozymandias"
PHF Daniel's Promise x Eden
Born July 2, 2018

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We are pleased to offer a young male, Ozzy, out of Daniel x Eden.  Ozzy is a gentle-natured male who has been working with sheep at two homes before returning to us.  He occasionally will play chase but most of the time he plays with his field-mate Ivey.  Ozzy is a beautiful AKC registered male, well built and correct.  Very watchful and bold but with a very nice personality.  Ozzy is currently in training and will require monitoring until he gets passed the silly teenage years.  We expect him to be a strong guardian when his training is complete.  Sold intact.

Price:  $1000 

Call or text 828-429-6388 or email for more information.     


"PHF George"
PHF First John x Peaches
Born November, 2017

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George is a very sweet young male.  He is watchful and bold when on guard, but also enjoys attention.  George is a big, beautiful boy with a nice personality.  He is still in the training stage so will need watching until he matures.  George is out of two of our top guardians.  He is AKC registered and will be sold intact.  George has only one descended testicle.  Sold intact.

Price:  $800 

Call or text 828-429-6388 or email for more information.     


"PHF Ivey"
PHF Daniel's Promise x Eden
Born March 2, 2019

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We are offering a beautiful, young female, Ivey, out of Daniel x Eden.  Ivey is a gentle-natured girl who has been working with sheep before returning to us.  She has shown no unwanted behaviors with the livestock, but was reported to dig out and may require good fencing or electric wire.  She has not dug out since returning to Possum Hollow.  Ivey has been spayed so will not be registered upon sale.  However, her litter is listed with AKC so registration is possible. Very alert and bold but with a very nice personality.  Ivey is still quite young and is currently in training.  Like all young guardians, she will require monitoring until she matures.  We expect Ivey to be a great guardian when her training is complete.  

Price:  $800 

Call or text 828-429-6388 or email for more information.     


Guardian Dog Training

What is a Trained Guardian Dog?  We will define a "trained guardian dog" as a dog that has learned to stay with the stock, walk on a leash, protect its food and is ready to begin work with the kind of livestock for which it has been trained.  

What is a normal purchase price for a trained Guardian Dog?  Dogs trained to stay with cattle are usually $1000-$2000.  Dogs trained to stay with sheep or goats are usually $1500-3500.  Dogs with lots of experience and talent will usually cost more...if you can find one for sale.

Why would I get a puppy and pay to have it trained instead of just buying an already trained adult?  Good trained guardian dogs are not easily found.  Ranchers with good dogs rarely sell them.  Breeders occasionally will have a retired adult or started dog that needs a good home (for a price of course).

How much is training going to cost?  The price of training your guardian dog will be determined based on the amount of time required and the type of livestock the dog will be required to guard.  Dogs working with weaker livestock such as poultry, lambs and goat kids will require more training time and therefore cost more.  Most of the time the cost of training buying and training a puppy will be within the same price range as an already trained dog.  

How do I get my dog started in training?  Just call us at 828-429-6388 and ask about Guardian Dog training.

How long will I have to wait for my Guardian Dog?  That depends on your dog.  If your dog is already started and is mature enough to handle a heavy work load the time required will be shorter than if you have a pup that requires time to grow and mature before starting serious work.  

When do I get my dog?  This is determined by you.  You decide how much training you want your dog to have before it joins your family.  Until then your dog/puppy will remain with us and be cared for as if it were our own dog.  Care includes all regular vet expenses and board.  We will give you a rough estimate of how long we expect it to take to get your dog trained.

What if I have never owned a guardian dog before?  This is not a problem.  If you follow the instructions you will be given, you should have no problems.  We also have a book on CD that is available for additional information and knowledge.  For more information about the book go to LGD BOOK.

If you think this program would work for you, contact us at

828-429-6388 or .