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PHF recommends that you try to pick up your dog/puppy in person. That way you can see the parents, meet the breeder and personally make sure your new dog is safely transported home. However, we realize that occasionally this is not possible. 

Ground Delivery:

We will deliver your dog to you (or meet you part way) for an extra fee.  This delivery method allows you the opportunity to meet the breeder and know that your dog is safely and comfortably transported to you.  Delivery distances are calculated using Yahoo!Maps from 371 CC Lovelace Road, Rutherfordton NC 28139 to the location of your choice.  Fees may vary depending on the size of the dog, overnight vs. day-trip, etc.

Shipping via Air:

In the event that you must have your dog shipped to you, we want you to be aware of what that involves.  PHF will ship puppies or dogs via air only and shipping can only be done when the temperature is no more than 80 F at any location along the route.  The following summarizes the shipping process and expenses. 

What PHF provides:
Booking shipment according to airline regulations.
Delivering dog to airport counter at least one hour prior to flight. (includes 3 hour drive round trip to the airport)
Obtaining and presenting Original Veterinarian Health Certificate dated within 10 days of shipment.
Obtaining crate conforming to IATA and USDA specifications.
Handling all special arrangements (feeding, watering, etc.).

PHF Charges a single minimum shipping fee of $250 to ship any dog to any location.  Fees may be higher if airline costs are more or special arrangements must be made.  PHF ships puppies at 8-10 weeks old.  TOTAL payment is due prior to shipment.  Please mail your payment to Vicki Hughes, 371 CC Lovelace Road, Rutherfordton NC 28139.  (Or use PayPal service by that date.)  

: Once we receive your payment, we will send you the dog's Registration certificate (if we have received it from the registry) and any paperwork involved in shipment. There are lots of airline-induced limitations restricting when and where we can ship by air. You may have to travel to a more distant airport than you expect. Your pick-up time could be in the middle of the night (some airlines will not deliver during day time if the weather at the destination is too hot). If you are not there to meet your dog's flight within a "reasonable amount of time" you may end up paying kenneling costs to the airport. You will need some identification (driver's license is good) to get your dog. When you pick up your dog, take it out of the kennel at the airport. Make sure your dog is alert and moves about easily (play with your pup or walk your dog). We will NOT give a puppy or dog Dramamine or any other medication prior to shipment. Therefore, they should be alert upon arrival. To avoid a mess in your car, do not give your dog food or water until you are home. You will need to bring a leash with you, but PHF will supply a collar. The kennel is yours, don't leave it at the airport.  When you get home, please contact us ( ) to let us know your dog arrived safely and in good condition. Once your dog is delivered to the airport we are no longer responsible for it.  Any problems incurred as a result of shipping are your responsibility.  If your dog does not arrive as expected call us immediately from the airport . 


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